Empty Nest Syndrome

If you have children and have ever experienced an eerily silence in your home when your kids are away for a short period of time that turned into feelings of sadness for you, because they’re away from you, you have experienced a snippet of what may come when your kids grow up and venture off . . .

Easy Ways to Fight Germs

There are many ways we pick up germs: shaking hands, touching animals, touching raw foods. And there are many types of germs: bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses. And… There are many types of illnesses that may be caused by germs: cold, flu, food poisoning, hantavirus, Lyme disease. And these are only short lists of examples. Germs . . .

Wrinkle Reducers!

There’s no way around this one: wrinkles are a part of life. As we age, there are several things that happen that contribute to wrinkles: the inner layer of skin—the dermis—begins to thin, our skin cells divide more slowly, and fibers just below the outer layer of our skin become loose. These are only three . . .

You Want to Move It, Move It?

Are you an inactive person who would like to become more active? If so, you don’t have to join a gym, find a lap pool, or join a community softball league. There are many ways to get moving without spending a dime. Physical activity abounds in our day to day lives, especially walking! You walk . . .

Anxiety Awareness

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You have insomnia, which causes you to worry about being late for work in the morning. You get anxious over your income and bills. You wonder how you’re going to take care of an ageing parent when he or she can no longer take care of themselves. Most . . .


Produce Color

Produce that share color often share health benefits. Learn about eating by color!

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